Featured Guests


Yours Truly

Dinner with Celebrities

Brad and Keith kick off the inaugural episode of We Like That Too. Top 3 Celebrities you’d like to have dinner with!

Episode #1


Dave Baker

Singer-Songwriter, David Baker Music

Dave Baker is a local musician. Follow The Dave Baker Band on facebook to see where they are playing next.

Episode #4


Paul Roush


Paul Roush has made his mark in the Trop Rock genre’ as a singer-

Episode #7


Yours Truly

Yours Truly Talk Theatre

The topic of the day is shows we've been streaming and the impact Covid has had on live performers and venues.

Episode #10


Doug Frost

Navigating the Wine World

This is the first of a two-part series. Doug Frost MS/MW, shares his common sense approach to enjoying wine.

Episode #12 Part 1


Lois Bax

Globtrotting in the 21st Century

Guest Lois Bax, Central Bank Classic Club, shares highlights of her favorite trips around the globe.

Episode #15


Matt Green

Judgement in Paris

Guest, Matt Green, BarVino owner, celebrates the 45th anniversary of the renowned “Judgement in Paris.”

Episode #18


Quin Gresham

Regional Theatre Reemergence

Quin Gresham, Lyceum Theatre, talks about navigating a professional theatre company through a pandemic.

Episode #21


Lynn Cannon

Entertainment Alfresco

Executive Director of the new Amphitheater, details her career in entertainment venue management.

Episode #24


Beeb Birtles

Happy Anniversary, Baby!

Little River Band founding member tells stories of life in the music business and we mark the podcast's 1st anniversary.

Episode #26 Part 1


Amanda McCrossin & Vanessa Conlin

We Like Other Podcasts Too!

Wine Access Unfiltered co-hosts discuss their popular podcast and background in musical performance.

Episode #29


Yours Truly + 2

Something Completely Different

We review two Missouri wines suggested by a Bon Vivant listener and discuss bucket list travel destinations.

Episode #32


Yours Truly

Travel, Television and Tasting

Discuss recent trips, what they’ve been watching and also review a Malbec wine with a high-profile pedigree.

Episode #35


Marcel Goldberg

Living the Napa Valley Life

Napa Spotlight Magazine publisher talks about how living in Napa means more than just wine. It also means community.

Episode #38


Yours Truly

Getting Caught Up on the Good Stuff

Brad and Keith talk about their recent trips, concerts and some current streaming options.

Episode #40


Beth Leonard

Back on the Boards

Collegiate theatre instructor, director and professional actress talks about her career and challenges facing theatres .

Episode #43


Artie Langston

All That Jazz and Other Music

Musical artist recants stories from his life playing music with some of the biggest names in Jazz, Blues and more.

Episode #46


Andrea Sporcic

Show Me the Movies

Attracting film and video production companies to shoot in your backyard is a full-time job for MO Film Commissioner.

Episode #49


Erin Hart

Radio Personality, 94.3 KAT Country

Find Erin on the radio
Weekdays 5:30 – 10 am on
94.3 Kat Country.

Episode #2


Yours Truly

Perfect Vacation Day

If you love travel and travel stories, you’ll love this episode. 3 best days from any vacation.

Episode #5


John Biggs

Owner, Sweet Smoke BBQ

Low and slow means big flavor with John Biggs, owner of Sweet
Smoke BBQ.

Episode #8


Kevin Perry

Bourbon Extravaganza

Guest, Kevin Perry, shares his vast knowledge of distilled spirits – especially bourbon

Episode #11


Dingani Beza

California Dreaming

Guest, Dingani Beza, Hollywood TV and film actor shares some great stories from life in LaLa Land.

Episode #13


Jim Burruss

The Business of Music

Guest, Jim Burruss, Senior VP at Columbia Records, talks about the recording business, food and wine.

Episode #16


Scott Hovis

A Good Walk Spoiled

Guest: Scott Hovis, Executive Director, Missouri Golf Association (MGA), teases some future events coming to Missouri.

Episode #19


Yours Truly

What’s the Buzz

Yours Truly get caught up on all the stuff “we like too,” from Bar-B-Q to books and travel to television.

Episode #22


Dave Baker

Making Beautiful Music

Musician Dave Baker discusses some of his latest songs to hit the Radio Trop Rock charts and putting together his album.

Episode #25


Yours Truly

What I did (and didn’t do) on My Summer Vacation!

Brad and Keith talk summer adventures and what they didn’t get to do.

Episode #27


Ben Huhman & Grand Cafe

Take a Bite Out of Life

Executive Chef/Owner, Ben Huhman talks about his epicurean journey and navigating today’s culinary climate.

Episode #30


Mark Reichard

Be Afraid…Be Naked and Afraid!

Hear some great stories about working in Hollywood – including experiences helping produce Naked and Afraid.

Episode #33


Barbie Banks

The Truth About True/False

Hear about the True/False Film Festival history, growth and popularity of this “total arts experience.”

Episode #36


Mike & Russ Broker

Artisanal Small Batch Spirits

In part 2, most of the episode shares hilarious stories - 3 Top Craziest Things you’ve done with, or to, your brother.

Episode #39 Part 2


Johnny Graham

Tasting the World

Revel Catering owner and executive chef, tells how global travel and flavors inspire his approach to modern cuisine.

Episode #41


Don Gosen

The Spirits of Family Tradition

Master Distiller tells the story of turning the family farm into a modern bourbon distilling operation.

Episode #44


Kyaw and Jeff

Lights, Camera & 48 Hours of Action

Writers, producers and cinema enthusiasts explain the story behind their international film festival – SATO48.

Episode #47


Bob Karwin

We’re With the Band

Trop Rock recording artist talks about the inspirations for his songs and his love of performing for live audiences.

Episode #50

Listen 8/24

Eric & Gina Babin

Radio Trop Rock

Listen to Eric & Gina on the Trop Rockin' the USA Show Tuesday's at 6pm and Wednesday at noon central.

Episode #3


Kevin Thompson

Bar Chef, The Grand Cafe

Kevin is the Bar Chef at the Grand Cafe in downtown Jefferson City. Stop by and try some of his unique cocktails.

Episode #6


Jim Anderson

Show Me Wines

Jim Anderson from Missouri Wine and Grape Board discusses the
state’s wine industry.

Episode #9


Doug Frost

New Adventure

Guest, Doug Frost MS/MW, shares his common sense approach to enjoying wine – Part 2

Episode #12 Part 2


Gina Goff

Senior Moment Movie Release

Guest, Gina Goff, Hollywood Producer, talks about the exciting release of her latest film - Senior Moment.

Episode #14


Yours Truly

Whatchya Watchin’? – TV Favorites

Yours Truly discuss the multitude of viewing options and some of their favorite television shows.

Episode #17


Bailey Mariea

All the World’s a Stage

Guest: Bailey Mariea, Actress, Singer, Dancer, discusses her love of live theatre and some dream roles.

Episode #20


Cole Payne

Seeing Behind the Curtain

Guest, Cole Payne, Traverse Media, discloses details about getting movies funded, made and distributed.

Episode #23


Beeb Birtles

Happy Anniversary, Baby! Pt. 2

Part 2 discussion with Little River Band founding member and we mark the podcast's 1st anniversary.

Episode #26 Part 2


Mike Nash

Live from Margaritaville!

Musician and song writer, Mike Nash, tells stories from his career and how he found a home in the Trop Rock genre’.

Episode #28


Jared & Mark Cowley

What’s Brewing?

Craft Brewers, Jared and Mark Cowley, tell the inside story of the founding and growth of Last Flight Brewing Co.

Episode #31


Tom Baker

An Independent Streak

Cinematographer, director, actor talks about making independent films from behind and in front of the camera.

Episode #34


Jim Bob Morris

Want Tequila Little Time Together?

This former NFL star recants his days playing football and his latest business venture – El Bandido Yankee Tequila.

Episode #37


Mike & Russ Broker

Artisanal Small Batch Spirits

This is the first of a two-part episode. Blacksmith Distillery developed a varied portfolio of distilled spirits.

Episode #39 Part 1


Shaun Turnbull

From South Africa to Stone Hill

Stone Hill Winery’s Head Winemaker takes us on his winemaking journey and shares a flight of Stone Hill Chambourcin.

Episode #42


Ray Cardwell

On the Road Again

Professional musician and recording artist discusses life on the road and touring with the Dave Mason Band.

Episode #45


The Haygoods

A Family Affair of Entertainment

The Haygoods talk about the challenges, inspirations and triumphs of keeping a family act together for over 30 years.

Episode #48